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IPTV Subtitle Issue


Hi All,

I have a bouquet for FTA channels via Sky sat on Zgemma H2s and also have an IPTV service. I can access subtitles for the FTA channels but not for any of the IPTV channels. The audio settings are different for FTA and IPTV channels and could be the potential reason.

I am new to IPTV and was wondering if there is any audio setting that I need to change? I asked the IPTV provider and he says that the subtitles are not available but I am 100% sure I have used the subtitles even for the IPTV channels.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I require the use of subtitles mate and have never been able to get them on IPTV tried a few test but no joy so don't think anyone provides them to be honest, could be wrong though?