Ireland census records from 1901 go online


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Well moh just checked up on his ancestors from 1901/1911 and there they were as listed on that census night...
Why not check up yours

A window has been opened into life in 1901 with census records going live online, including family detail of some of the greatest Irishmen and women.

The National Archives have put 4.5 million individual returns, from 850,000 households across the 32 counties on the night of Sunday March 31 1901, free on the internet.

It is the earliest surviving complete population record creating an invaluable tool rivalling demand for the 1911 census among the 70 million strong curious diaspora.

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Please note it took a while for this site to open for me i imagine that its quite busy so after a few attempts i got in and checked up on my family.
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thanks I heard this on the news this evening moh, when they put up the 1911 ones I remember checking them and found it very interesting, must have a look at the new lot :)


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Hey Moh.Have to do a lot of recearch.Lots of names all over Dublin.Will check.Thanks again Moh(y)