Is it possible?


TK Veteran
Thank you.

I got this IPTV service from a friend of a friend so I don't have any direct connection to him; never met him and never spoke to him. Everytime I need anything done with the IPTV I have to give the box to my friend who passes it on. I would receive it back in a day or two depending on how busy the other guy is at work.

It is just that the missus thinks there is about 3 to 4 weeks still left on the subscription so she it trying to get the F1 for the rest of the month. She really does not want to have any more dealing with him as his service has been a big disappointment. She thought if it was something simple that I could do on the Zgemma then we would have little to lose.

Why not just get a new iptv sub from here and learn to set it up yourself with the help of the members from here