Is this box dead?

OK looking some help.

This is what the Star 2S box I have is currently doing.

I have flashed with OpenATV - box appears to flash no problem but then on boot it shows openatv logo - light goes green, then it reboots and stuck in this cycle. I have tried openvix and other images and the same thing happens.

If i leave the box off for an hour or so and then power it back on then it looks as if its dead - then after 10 15 minutes the light will start flickering red. then it will go mostly solid red and flash every few seconds. then completely solid red - then it will try to boot and fail. then i can try to flash again with a USB. The fact that it takes ages to start from a cold start is a bit worrying.

Don't know what else to try - flash the bootloader? Don't see what this would do if I am able to flash the box but it just won't boot - any advice appreciated. If you think the box is dead then that's fine at least I wont be wasting my time on something that never is going to work.



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faulty power supply?





I had an old clone dreambox in my kitchen - checked the power supply which outputted the same as the one from the zgemma - swapped it around and what happens.... BOOTS FIRST TIME - you do not understand how happy you just made me - these forums are the greatest. might have just did a running jumping fly kick into the living room haha

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Any ideas where I can pick up a genuine PSU for these ?


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If the device messes up within the first 12 months, I am sure that the site sponsor (if it was his box) would replace it. It is not a "so called warranty" at all, it is a warranty.


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Nah to be honest i was fixing this for a friend, ill just order one for him and he can pay the bill :) lol thanks for the help peeps