Issues with descriptive narrative over kodi or recordings

Hi All,

I'm having an issue where, when watching through KODI from my Zgemma H2S, or sometimes watching back recordings directly on the Zgemma, descriptive narrative is turned on. I've looked around, googled etc and found a few threads talking about how to turn this off, which I have followed.
But, when watching the same channel live on the zgemma, even though the narrative is turned off it still continues to be on through kodi. Also some recordings will have it on even though it was not on during the live airing. Very annoying when I want to watch something in another room and cant. Anyone else had the same issue? is there a way of removing this completely? I've pressed the Audio button on the remote, tried turning off downmix etc but nothing seems to stop it. It does not do it on every channel it just seems to pick and choose.

Any ideas?



Not sure if this will help but when on Kodi tap the screen to bring up the play controls. And at the right there is an audio button tap that and then tap audio stream and choose the second stream. If you have already tried that then no idea sorry.