WooshBuild ITV3 issue and catchup


Zgemma H7S OpenATV 6.4 WB Inf v10
Tuner A Astra 28.2E Tuner B Hotbird 13.0E Tuner C n/a

Q1. I used to be able to receive ITV3. A little while ago the details on EPG went blank apart from the channel name. Can still receive ITV3+1 though that not convenient.
Looking at kingofsat website it used to be Freesat and Sky Digital. Now it’s only Sky Digital.
Is Sky Digital only available to Sky subscribers or can it be as FTA?

Q2. Is it possible to receive catch-up services e.g. BBC iPlayer via the router/broadband somehow or would I need a line to do that?

Many thanks in advance.


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1. In autobouquets Maker -> providers enable sky uk and then FTA only and see if you can get it then

2. BBC Iplayer and ITV hub and the channel 4 & 5 equivelants are available to stream, no line required.


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I have a similar problem with ITV4 ,
It's in ABM as a Freesat channel, but blank screen. If I go to sky HD bouquet it clears,
No big deal, I just find it strange.
Maybe I need to do a rescan.


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Finally got round to do this after lots of other things to do.
Thanks guys for your help.
As suggested in ABM enabled Sky UK as a provider and ITV3 plus lots of others appeared and working.

As for the stream you mentioned. Is this IPTV or is it a just a matter of loading the appropriate software?

Many thanks in advance.