Jetix and Jetix + 1, not working?


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Jetix and Jetix + 1, not working? [SOLVED]

My smaller brother informed me that jetix and jetix + 1 is not working, so i ran a manual scan on the frequency it was broadcasted on, but nothing, i then tried an autoscan with no results, im not to concerned about it, but it would be cool to get it back. Any suggestions? as all other channels are working fine. Could anybody confirm whether they are facing the same situation or not? thanks.
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Finally have the answer to this :):

"The young viewers’ broadcaster Disney will be soon be launching Disney XD.

This channel will replace Jetix, which currently serves that particular sector in the pay to view satellite market.

The channel will be uniquely directed at boys aged between six and fourteen.

It will cover most of the topics that interest that group, including sports made in collaboration with the Disney owned ESPN, gaming, animations and action films too.

When the channel was launched in the US in February, the audience figures reached 15.7 million for the first weekend.

Disney XD was also launched in France on the 1st April.

No date has been given for the UK launch, when the channel will join the already established stable of the Disney UK bouquet: Playhouse Disney, Disney Cinemagic and the Disney Channel."
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