Join or Split PDF Documents.


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Splitting PDF Files

To split the PDF file, select it, add the range (in how many parts you want to split the file and the number of pages you want to include in each of them) and hit the Split PDF button. That’s it. The application uploads files on its server and starts working on it.

After sometime it displays a download button for you to download the parts of the file. You can download this file in zip format by clicking on it (if you don’t have WinZip installed on your PC, you can extract the zip file online too). Note that the file is available to download for 15 minutes only. After 15 minutes it automatically deletes it from its server.


Merging PDF Files

Similarly you can merge two or more PDF files into a single file. You can merge up to 10 PDF files at once using iLovePDF. The individual file size limit is 8 MB. In this case also, the file is available to download only for 15 minutes. Once you’ve downloaded it, you could also manually delete the file from their servers by clicking the delete button.

* Split and merge PDF files online.
* No registration required and free to use.
* It can merge up to 10 PDF Files into a single file.
* Size of each PDF file should not exceed 8MB.
* PDFs download link available for 15 minutes only.

A nice online tool to quickly join or split PDF documents.

ILovePDF: Merge and Split PDF Files Online