Joystiq E3 Meetup: Virtual swag!


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by Kevin Kelly { 3 days ago } Featured Story

Pictured: the mouth of former Joystiqer, now Engadgeteer, Ross Miller

Joystiq readers, you know we love you. We wouldn't be out here covering E3 if it weren't for you checking us for stories, browsing our galleries, and sending us tips. Seriously, you are the entire reason we exist in the first place. We know a lot of you read about our meetups and lament the fact that you can't get your smiling faces out here and participate.

Well, with that in mind, you'll want to stay tuned to this post right here. Why? Well because you can participate in our first ever virtual swag off, concurrent with our E3 meetup in Los Angeles. We were lucky enough to snag some codes from EA for Battlefield 1943 on XBL and PSN ... before it's even out! We'll drop a code throughout the evening, so keep refreshing this post and keep your fingers poised over the "enter code" section on your platform of choice.

Hey gang, we're about ready to mutiny over this Battlefield issue. We're just going to drop 30 (!) Uncharted 2 multiplayer codes, and we'll send you the Battlefield: 1943 codes closer to that wonky July 1st date. We apologize for the mess, but we're doing what we can! We hope you still love us. Check behind the break for the Uncharted 2 codes, and we're just going to firehose all of them into the post in a break.

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