Joystiq impressions: Madden NFL 10 (Xbox 360)


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By: Kevin Kelly

Are you ready for some football, even though though we're still a few months away from the start of the season? EA has made it no secret at all that they're ready for you. This year's development blog has offered up the most transparent production of a Madden game ever... but does it make a difference? Are you willing to gamble with your hard-earned dollars in the hopes that they got it right?

With its lock on the NFL licensing for video games, Madden NFL 10 could come out with the players wearing frilly tutus and ballet shoes, and it would still sell a kajillion copies, although that's easily chalked up to the name recognition of the game, and the fact that they've gotten it right more often than they've gotten it wrong. So why does it feel like every year Madden adds more modes and features, without taking a look at the core gameplay to see what they can change?

We took a look at the Xbox 360 version recently at an EA preview event, and the game certainly looks a lot prettier than ever before (and much sharper than it's cartoonish Wii cousin), but is the gameplay any better? Find out beyond the break after you peep the new images below.

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