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by Andrew Yoon { Jun 3rd 2009 at 6:45PM }

4:32PM The final announcement: DDR is coming to PS3, and will introduce a brand new 8 button dance pad for
"the ultimate challenge." Hope you have eight legs.

4:29PM The PSP version of Shattered Memories is shown on screen for a few seconds. This build will be done by a different team than the original.

4:18PM Silent Hill takes the center screen now, and the audience cheers. This is so random, to go from very E rated to very M rated material. Shattered Memories looks very good, with chilling music and some spectacular visuals.

4:17PM Deca Sports 2 takes the stage. It now features online multiplayer. Did you know that the first Deca Sports sold over 2 million copies worldwide? Well, now you do!

4:11PM The theater continues to empty slowly as a new game appears on screen. It's an adroable DS game called Wireway. This dual-screen platformer has you flicking platforms to launch a cute critter around bouncable levels. "Ginormous pandas" are among some of the bosses. We approve.


4:06PM The new DanceDanceRevolution on Wii will now support the Balance Board, and will be demonstrated on stage! You'll have to roll and shake your hips in a new fitness-oriented game that'll definitely trim your body. Unlike previous DDR games, you won't have to stomp your feet! It doesn't look like DDR, but it still doesn't look like dancing. It's certainly the biggest change for the DDR franchise, and the audience bursts out in laughter and emoji_clap.

4:04PM The new DDR game will now use fully licensed music from hit musicians, and will actually include music videos in the background.

4:02PM And now it's DanceDanceRevolution. Man, that Castlevania trailer was so good that I'm totally okay sitting here. Good job Konami! Best bait 'n switch ever!

3:58PM After talking about the Saw game's various traps, a new presentation takes the stage. It looks like it's Karaoke Revolution.

3:55PM A producer of the film asks if there are any questions. The theater is quiet.

3:48PM Toben Bell, actor from the Saw movies, takes the podium. He talks about the process of creating his character in the films and the audience is bored. The two people next to me leave the theater.

3:47PM "Now, here's our next presentation." Starts with a trailer for Saw.

3:46PM Kojima explains what the storm on his site means. He believes the entertainment business will "clear up the storm" of the current economic situation.


3:43PM Kojima places a lot of praise to David Cox as a producer and to Mercury Steam as a development team. Kojima's role is "to support them." "I'm going to help them give birth to this new Castlevania," Kojima said. Expect it in 2010.


3:40PM Mask is actually Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, a reboot of the Castlevania franchise, starring Patrick Stewart, Robert Carlyle, Jason Isaacs, Natasha McElhone. Dave Cox, European producer of the game says the action game will "feel familiar" to original fans. It's about a hero that must go to "the edge of darkness and beyond." The first footage looks a lot like God of War. Coming to PS3 and Xbox 360. It's being developed by MercurySteam, in collaboration with Kojima Productions.


3:37PM Mask is next.

3:35PM Kojima says this is an experiment to build technnology first, and then expanding content on a platform. Seems like the MGS4 engine will be powering Rising, and will make development easier. Rising will be produced by Kojima's new team made up of "young" staffers.


3:34PM Metal Gear Solid: Rising trailer doesn't feature any gameplay but it is now officially announced for PS3 and PC.


3:33PM Raiden's on the screen. You know what's coming.

3:32PM Kojima reiterates that Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker is being written and directed by Kojima and calls it a true sequel to the series. He's aiming for a 2010 release.

3:26PM The second title being shown is from yesterday's Sony conference. Here, again, is the PSP Metal Gear Solid game.


3:24PM Metal Gear Arcade is a revival of PS3's Metal Gear Online, in coin-op form. It will be presented in 3D with the use of special glasses. The Japanese version is being worked on first.

3:22PM "Times are tough. But that's why I wanted to come to LA, to brighten up the world a little" with news of his upcoming games. Yeah, we're talking about Hideo Kojima. He wants E3 to be very special. "It has nothing to do with swine flu," he promises.


3:21PM Metal Gear Solid 4 will join the PS3 Greatest Hits line. Yeah, this was announced earlier too.

3:19PM Konami president introduces some "special guests" from the company and then thanks the media for coming. Metal Gear Solid 4 is credited for Konami's increased cashflow this year.

3:17PM "Without further ado, let's begin." A trailer calls Konami "legendary" and begins with footage from Metal Gear Solid 4. Now, it moves on to Silent Hill and Saw, Karaoke Revolution and DDR. So far this is rather unsurprising.

3:12PM The media here is a mix of both Japanese and English press. We're not exactly sure what's going to be shown, but the theater is packed now.

3:09PM We're here at the Konami press conference here at E3. A rather botched check-in system is delaying the process quite significantly. We're in color area "Purple." We're not sure what that means.
Konami is throwing yet another press conference! Will we see more Metal Gear or will we see another Rock Revolution?


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