Just a couple of queries (autotimer and cams)


I don't post much (not as knowledgable as everyone else on here) but do lurk a bit. Anyway set up this box during the week with zero issues, everything worked as should autotimer etc.

However over the weekend the autotimer just wouldn't work, same with timer, when you pressed either it just went back to the screen (as it normally would) but didn't add the recordings. They did work if you just press record. This seems to have fixed itself but wondering what causes it incase it happens again.

Last thing regarding cams. All worked perfect when set up but Yesterday the premium channels wouldn't clear. I thought this was due to the cam so I went to the channel that was recording and it wasn't clearing either. I rebooted the box and router and the channels cleared for about 1 minute then went black again. Then after the recording they started working again.

I'm using cccam 2.3.0 atm but wondering if I should be using mg_camd instead? Been a while since I set a box up so not 100% but it's just as easy as taking my line details, opening the newcam list and putting the line details in the appropriate parts isn't it? (My provider has 2 servers so need to add 2 line details).

Sorry for the HUGE post lol