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Just bought one for the Kids.


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What recommendations as for games do you have for this console for my kids, I just bought one yesterday and the kids love it, what games do your kids love or do you know of any games that would suite a 4 and 7 year old?,
The games we have so far are

Spongebob Squarepants,

Wii Play,

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blits,



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my older girl has one but there all in bed now will get back to you later they all seem yo love it

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mario kart is one i know they all play all ages
h2 says any of the supper mario games but will ask kids when there up
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All the lego series,Batman,indiana,starwars.
super mario galaxy,mario and sonic at the olympic games
super smash bros brawl(y)


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Can't go wrong with Mario Kart. The Lego games are pretty fun as well for that age range. (my 7 year is old is convinced he's a jedi master because of those games) And Mario and Sonic Olympic Games is a great one too.


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Yeah have to agree mario kart and mario and sonic olympic games, all the kids love them,
My kids are a bit older but play them and the younger cousins when around are well able for them also.
You will have to get the Wii fit now H, great fun also :)


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Oh, and if you're looking for one for you HiTeck, the new Punch Out is awesome if you're a fan of the original for the NES.


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as strange as this sounds, my two nephews love the wii fit games, not the exercises so much , but the hula hoop, jogging, balance games.
as said above, mario cart, the lego games and sports party is a favourite when i have visitors


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big brain academy was a hit and wii sports my youngest loves the boxing and also the wii fit .if thats any help and animal crossing is supposed ot be good but havent got it yet.


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My youngfella says mario kart (played it meself) lol

Its good fun when you`re racing each other. The kids will like it ;)


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I bought these games especially for my brothers children, when they visit me:

Super Mario Galaxy
Carnival Funfair Games
Guiness Wotld Records - The Videogame

They seem to be well entertained by them.

Hope that helps a little.


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what do i need to burn them to disc

Imgburn is what i use connoly72,you do of course need to be modified whether hard or soft modded
If its a new Wii i would'nt bother burning the discs they came with a new drive that will not play backups,you do have the option of using a usb loader