just got openbox v8s


hi folks first thing sorry for asking as i bet you have heard it loads but im a newbie,just got my openbox v8s and looking for advice on what to do first ? ive plugged it in and got channels working on it,do i need to update firmware and channel lists etc ? im also looking for a decent place to purchase a gift for sports etc
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No need to update firmware if it is working, you can update the channel lists over network, and go to the general satellite section and find the "request a server " thread.


thanks for your advice,is it network settings on the actual openbox to update channels ? in the menu


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If there is no option for network upgrade underneath network settings your firmware may not be updated.


ok i will go and check for the option,i bought the box from ebay and they say on the ad they update box before posting out but it still had the plastic round the box with no tears etc,just checked theres an over the air update option but it fails ?
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