Just Installed Wooshbuild, how do I see channel groups?


I have just flashed my h2s with the wooshbuild image and all is good.
Only problem I have is that when I use the EPG I have to go through the full list to see each individual channel as I can look at groups.
Main issue with this is the kids generally only want to want the kids stuff and the wife only wants to watch the music channels and the general stuff but they can't just select the group like they used to then look what is available in the applicable group of channels

Appreciate its probably available but I just do it a different way but I just don't know how
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you can you the next and previous button between 0 to change categories or on epg press menu then change show bouquets on launch to yes


yeahhhhh thanks for that. was wondering how to get to the tabs. I got brownie points with my wife for getting that going lol