Kodi down according to Daily Express


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KODI has published a statement following a slew of complaints from users of so-called Kodi Boxes that their streaming add-ons and IPTV plugins have stopped working.

Noticed some of the add-ons and plugins installed on your Kodi Box have stopped working? You’re not alone.

In a new blog post, Kodi confirmed that a swathe of third-party add-ons have ceased to work on the platform following a crackdown on online piracy.

Back in May, the Digital Economy Act received royal assent – and increased the maximum jail sentence for copyright infringement in the UK from two to three years.

Separately, the European Court of Justice ruled that streaming copyright-protected material without the right-holders permission was illegal.

Downloading pirated copies of movies, music, and television shows has always constituted copyright infringement.

However, streaming the same content was previously a legal grey area.

This loophole enabled those who sold set-top boxes, like those powered by the Kodi media player, to promote the easy facilitation of piracy via streaming.

The combination of this landmark ruling and the increase in sanctions for those who infringe copyright has led some developers to abandon Kodi.

In early June, Kodi fans saw one of the most popular destinations for third-party add-ons removed from the web.

TVAddons, which hosted a number of add-ons that enabled free streaming of copyright-protected material, was taken offline completely.

Even its Facebook page was unavailable, blog TorrentFreak reported.

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Some addons have gone down but there is still plenty to choose from.
There going to have to try a lot harder to stop it altogether lol


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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hell switched tv on and my kodi has a blank screen,panic setting in and fell asleep with the stress of box not working.too many remotes to chose from to see whats new.

.moral of story make sure box is powered on:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:
very rare i use kodi,i use terrarium tv,one box,i think the apks are better than kodi itself.big amazon sale on the 11th,i want see how much the sticks will be
very rare i use kodi,i use terrarium tv,one box,i think the apks are better than kodi itself.

Isn't it full of ads, with no debrid support yet and consequently streams can break, and only available on android? Sure Kodi streams can also be hit and miss, but have been 100% reliable ime with realdebrid.

On a separate subject, I must say I am surprised to see how popular putlocker is said to be in this survey: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technolo...di-streaming-threatens-piracy-crackdown-says/ Really?


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gas my newest box running kodi 17.1 has many non working things now and my older box on 16.1 still running.


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uk turk has a new url.. wotks 100%
YouTube has lots of new addons. since the recent purge.. my advice is install a vpn..
yea the ads are a pain in the ass,but just click back arrow and they go away.if u gonna go with kodi use 17.3 and use paradox build,the iptv on that is brilliant guys


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use ad block on youtube..
paradox has a clicky little group called the dark side.. they even charge to subscribe.. and if you require more than 5 downloads of their build. Thats
£10.00 please... all paradox do is charge for whats actuality free.. But yes it is a good build.
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yea i know where ur coming from mate,they allow u 5 downloads every 10 days now,but supremecy iptv is by far the best i seen so far
this has got nuffin to do with tech,but im hungry so i think a mixed meat kebab in nan bread onions peppers and a whole lot of chill sauce and sweetcorn relish needs to be delivered to waynie,have fun guys