Kodi / firmware image Question


Hi Folks - I'm trying to get Kodi working on my H2.S but after messing around for a while I have a few questions:

On Open ATV 5.1 I can get Kodi Direct but is nowhere near as good as Kodi on my other Android/Linux devices. What would you recommend as the best firmware / version combination to get the best results?
Is there an alternative to Kodi which works as well?

Is OpenVix a better alternative - ie does it run a better Kodi version ... in fact which firmware is considered best overall for this box?

lots of questions but
any help appreciated here .... cheers
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Ya kodidirect not much good on any version or firmware , you'll see a lot of posts were guys don't bother with it , can be very hit and miss and most opt for the iptv free plugin which is much better and has good movies , I tried kodidirect myself and dumped it after a week , kodi version on the andriod is great , but kodidirect seems to be a slim down version lol .......