Kryptview Ireland Hold Off For Now


Anyone thinking of buying a Kryptview to get over the current Nagra 2 encryption problem in Ireland would be advised to hold off for a bit.

Looks like the three adult channels have shifted to Nagra 3. And no I was not watching them I seen a post elsewhere and ran a quick check. I have also answered a thread on the place the wont be mentioned :)

The late post here and there is to hopefully save anyone a few quid if they were in the process of buying one.

Its late and I am too tired to have an indepth look at it, but I have a funny feeling I am right given the similarities between this and the N1 to N2 migration. I did think it would be accelerated but not this much, I wonder why ;)

Goodnight I am off as I am posting from the bed if she wakes up I am dead lol


Channels came back with no user intervention from me. But I would still be weary as they are on three separate TPs and follow the same path as the last change from N1 to N2. I do hope I am wrong. Now deffo bed :)
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suppose its inevitable if all or most of other boxes have suffered.

Im sure we will be kept updated of the progress on this for those of you in Ireland


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Very reliable information and advice as per usual and anyone that's pondering the purchase would be advised to heed, thanks scOuser:leaving:


in upright ireland and a guy told me he got 3 .4.him and his mates and that the sexy ladies channels were going i told him 2 try a scan when gets home could b the start of something bad i hope not


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Sorry I have been away working for the day and only catching up now.Have seen they were gone during today on both subbed and non subbed boxes.

But that was exactly the way the tier was tested before the last switchover between N1 and N2 ;) Hopefully it is giving new purchasers of the Kryptview a bit more time, but the N3 stream isnt there for no reason.

Hate to be a doom merchant :)