Lady Luck: Jackpot Joan Scoops Fourth Win


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The "world's luckiest lottery player" has taken her run of good fortune to a preposterous level with a fourth seven-figure jackpot win.


Incredibly, Mrs Ginther bought three winning tickets in the same shop

Joan Ginther - who had already scooped a hat-trick of wins totalling almost £7m over the last 17 years - scored yet another as a Texas lottery scratchcard revealed a £6.6m top prize.

With the odds of four multi-million-pound wins at over 200 million to one, it is no surprise the 63-year-old, who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, has been dubbed the jammiest person alive.

ABC News reported that Mrs Ginther's first win came in 1993 when she won £3.5m on a scratchcard.

After a luckless lull of 13 years, she then pocketed a relatively paltry £1.3m on another ticket.

A further £1.9m followed in 2008 - before she took her tally to nearly £14m with her latest slice of fortune.

Even more amazingly, it is understood two of her winning tickets were bought from the same shop in Bishop, Texas.

It is thought Mrs Ginther popped into the store, which is now eligible for a second £6,500 bonus, during trips to see her father in her home town.

"This is a very lucky store," said manager Bob Solis, rather understatedly.

Congratulating her on her latest win, World Lottery News said: "This final bit of winning lottery must confirm Mrs Ginther as the world's luckiest lottery player."

Mrs Ginther is attempting to keep a low profile and has so far declined to be interviewed, according to the Texas Lottery.