Lanx's Rig


My pc runs off a gigabyte ep43- s3l mobo
Intel quad core processor q6600 2.4ghz (overclocked to 3.0ghz)
Nvidia geforce 8600 gfx card
8gig Corsair double sided ram
Runs vista ultimate 64bit

No fancy hdd.
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Nice set up Lanx :)

Did you get it from PC world lol

No joking aside a fine looking machine (y)


what kind of heatsink you have on that cpu Lanx?
Akasa AK-975 Intel LGA 775, 2U shape Heatpipe cooler with Lo-noise side **** PWM fan

Description- The AK-975 is a low noise side **** cooler for desktop and integrated multimedia chassis. AK-975 uses U-shape
heatpipe technology for rapid heat transfer and 38 aluminium fine fins for ultimate heat dissipation. The side
mounted 7cm fan features Intel approved PWM technology to ensure efficient and quiet cooling.

Got it from Scan m8.