Last movie you seen & rate it ?


The gambler , watched it last night, not as good as i expected, quite boring actually 4/10
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yeah i agree,
watched :FURY 10/10
American Sniper :10/10
The Equalizer :10/10


totally agree - highly recommend whiplash - it's awesome - love the plot and you true hate the compuser guy


i saw maze runner and thought it was a good watch 8/10
anyone think there will be a follow up?
plus i agree with truebiker sniper great film 9/10


Might not be everyone's cup of tea but I really enjoyed Interstellar. It was not what I was expecting and was really long - but worth sticking with till the end 9/10.


Assassin (2015)

Every now and then I stupidly watch a Danny Dyer movie in the hope of finding one where he proves he can act, unfortunately it's not this one. Don't think Spandau Ballet have bought much to the acting profession either and would suggest that J.K.Amalou as writer/director is probably best avoided.

Can't rate the film as I don't think it worthy of a rating.

Pride (2014)

Excellent docu/comedy/drama based on the true story of Welsh miners and gay activists during the 1984 miners strike. Had me laughing out loud and also had me with tears in my eyes. Can really recommend this film but not sure if it would be appreciated by those not old enough to have been around at the time and doubt that Thatcher fans would find much to agree with. 8/10