Last movie you seen & rate it ?


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The batman 6/10

Seen it again and still a decent watch at best. Don't think Pattinson is suited to play batman personally.

Acting was a bit cringy at times and a bit too serious also.

Seeing at the end who will be the next joker is off putting.

Still the dark Knight is my favourite batman movie. Was intense. Great story and acting and one of the best performances I have ever seen with heath ledger as the joker. With joaquin phoenix coming close with his outstanding performance as the joker.


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Se7en 10/10

Absolute masterpiece and criminally underrated imo.

Brilliant story and acting from Pitt and Freeman is top notch.

Very engrossing film throughout and keeps you on the edge for sure.


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The Batman.. crap - worst film i´ve seen in a while.. off puting i found was the low tone voice of some of the actors as they grumbled the words out


Watched Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

What an utter pile of sh*te that was. If this is the way the franchise is going then I'm not bothering anymore. I hate time travel films, never watched Endgame because of it, but this Multiverse rubbish is just the Marvel equivalent of it.
And now, according to the Moon Knight series, they've opened the door to the ones who were previously dead may not actually be dead.

Grade A crap and I was a fan of it up to now.