Leeds Vs MUFC


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Leeds have been a breath of fresh air to the premier league this season and for the most part , great to watch for the neutral, likewise, Wolves, Leicester in previous seasons, I love the championship and I am looking forward to seeing how Norwich and Watford do next season after bouncing straight back up. I wonder that if Bournemouth win the play offs, will it be the first time in history that all 3 relegated clubs from the top league would all have came straight back again, cant remember it ever happening before.


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We have taken 5 points from City, Liverpool and Man U in as many weeks that's a very decent point tally from that lot for a team newly promoted.

Our style is adapting we have played all teams the once and Bielsa now knows exactly whats needed to get something from a game, we are evolving. The teams i mentioned played our Championship squad plus one player brought in for the Prem. Let that sink in fella your playing a championship squad and failed to beat us this time. We have started to play this way against counter attacking sides proving we are far from one dimensional . 3 additions in keys areas next season and our attacking press will return for the top sides that i promise you its the Bielsa way.

As for us playing dirty i see it another way there were a hell of a lot of acrobatics goin on ref ruined the game and Shaw knew exactly what he was doing watch it back he moved the arm in the direction of the ball but it still remained in a questionable area by his side.


Agree despite rivalry Leeds are showing their qualities since coming back to the premier league.

Key additions in the crucial areas next season could see them really challenging for the top 8 positions. But they need more quality to move forward and a striker is a must get for them.