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Issue I am having is with the battery itself, got one from ebay last year and same issue in that phone just dies in less than half a day. Battery drains so quick without me even using it.

Dont have apps on, brightness is very low. Wifi is only thing really have on.

Seems like a faulty battery but already replaced it previously but still have same issue.

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I'm not 100% on this but on Motorola you can recalibrate your battery.
Have you tried the Android settings clearing out your cache?
Sometimes there's a rogue app causing problems.


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Got it from ebay last year and said was genuine and seemed genuine tbf.

Dont want to go ahead and get another battery and have same issues.

Doing my head in was 70% battery last night and woke up in the morning its dead. This is the norm.

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That battery doesn't sound very good and like you say 70℅ to nothing in a few hours is not normal.
Does your battery settings give you any clues too what's draining it?
I'm on Android 8.1 and it shows what Apps etc are using your battery.
Also location settings eat your battery if Wifi is running.


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Not sure not very good with tech/gadgets things mate.

Will have a long to see whats draining it doubt its apps as nothing runs in background with apps as dont have any open.

Location feature is off only really have wifi on.


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Just hard to find who to trust mate. Thought was genuine battery but guess not.

Will see what to do mate.

Thanks for the advice mate.


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Tried all different settings but battery drains on no time.

Seems have to get a new battery which will be second one in just over a year.

I know these are made in China but was hoping to find a genuine but they are all copies mainly.


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Problem: Battery life is poor

Many LG G4 owners have been experiencing problems with poor battery life. The battery may be draining much faster than expected, or perhaps it’s draining when not in use. There are lots of potential reasons for this and lots of things you can try doing to improve it.


  • You have the option of swapping the battery in the LG G4, so you could always consider buying a spare and carrying it with you. You can buy an official LG G4 battery for around $40.
  • The chances are good that the screen is your main power drain. Try reducing the brightness in Settings > Display > Brightness.
  • It could be worth switching Wi-Fi off when you leave the house, or don’t need it. Some people have reported better battery life by doing this, because the G4 is no longer seeking a Wi-Fi signal. You can just swipe down to open the notification shade and toggle it off. This applies to Bluetooth, too.
  • You can extend your last bit of battery significantly by using the battery saver mode. Go to Settings > Battery & power saving > Battery saver to turn it on and configure it.
  • Background syncing can be a major drain sometimes. There are some apps you probably don’t need syncing in the background, so why not turn the sync off? They’ll still update when you open them. If you go to Settings > Accounts you can see a full list and turn off automatic syncing on selected items.

Potential solutions:

  • It could be that a specific app is misbehaving. Take a look under Settings > Battery & power saving > Battery usage, and look for something guzzling more juice than it should. If you find a particularly bad app, then consider uninstalling it. You can confirm that a third-party app is to blame by trying safe mode. Press and hold the Power button, then tap and hold on Power off when it pops up, and you should get the option to boot into safe mode. If the problem is gone, then you know a third-party app is causing it. Just restart the G4 to get back out of safe mode.
  • You can use an app like Greenify to help you identify problem apps that are draining your battery and to stop them from doing so.
  • A factory reset can really help with battery issues, particularly if you’ve updated Android recently. Make sure that you back up any precious files and go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset, then Reset phone and Delete all.

Small things to make your battery last longer

LG BL-51YF Battery
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