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Hi all, apologies if this makes me sound completely thick but this is all new to me and have read up as much on the forum as I can.
I've got my zgemma h2s set up with wooshbuild and have bought a line from an auction site, the seller has sent me instructions for the line to be added to an openbox but not a zgemma.

All I have is:

I have no idea whether it's a c-line or an n-line and what to do to get the paid channels working, any help would be greatly appreciated


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You'd be right there, can't help but think that the div has just taken the money and run.


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lol very true mate

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should look that this mate

c: host port user pass

line then goes into cccam.cfg

make sure cccam is running


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Seeming you got wooshbuild get I touch with your seller and tell him you want it in usb form or you will put a claim in to ebay be easier for you to do it with the usb plugin


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I've messaged him 4 times today about it with no reply so doubt he'll be in touch, thanks lancable do I paste that into the cccam folder that is on the USB from the basebuild download?


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post the instructions he gave you for the openbox, we should be able to tell if it is a c or n line based on whether it is for mgcam, or what.

Without line details please


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Cut your losses now and buy a decent line from the request section. What you have will be a crappy cache server that will glitch like mad and last all of a few weeks if your lucky.


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It cost £20 for 12 months but the more I read on this forum the more I think it'd be better to pay a bit more for a line that's actually going to work, the fact the seller hasn't got back to me speaks volumes, to the line request section I go!!

Thanks for the help everyone


jammin, are you still trying to get this to work? i have had the same problem but im 99% sure its user error(both you and me). i have sucessfully done this once before but im struggling this time, i belive together we can sort this out. have you figured out how to create a line? there are line creators available on this forum or if you download the latest version of wooshbuild the folder has a subfolder called misc and it has a line creator in it. its worth downloading just for this if your struggling to create a line.
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I had exact same problems with my c lines, couldn't get them to stick at all. Just brought an nline from fleabay and worked straightaway. Now I know I'll buy an nline from someone reputable. This £8 job that's meant to last a year will fade soon even if it is working like a dream for now with less freezes than my company clines which I paid £13 a month for!

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