lost most sats on motorised dish


hi i have lost all my sats on my motorized dish set up trying to pick up another sat and must of knocked it off most of my sats and can only get 28.2e fta channels i cant scan in any channels on 0.8w thor I am absolutely gutted. my box is a vu+zero with openvix 5.1. i orginally used a spiderbox. I am trying to use the spiderbox to drive the dish to the correct sat but cant seem to get a signal on most sats. i had my vu set up with usals but the longtude and lattitude are in a different format to that of the spiderbox and unsure how to enter them. any help much appreciated. thanks in advance.
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If you intend to use the VU you need to flash the box with the latest image of your choice. #See your other thread.


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i had widows 95 and it worked fine

it won't work any more
someone said it's years out of date so i upgraded to windows 98, do you think this will be ok?


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If you know your usals setting its like this on my vu solo2.
Bit lost on the pc bit as not needed,i was lucky 15 years ago when motor was installed on mt tm 1000d sat box i wrote down my settings on the manual and used it on my vu.
As to flashing a new image it should not matter but its the other stuff you might want to use with it like plugin feeds.
I did reflash box and setup from scratch as it was an outdated image i was using.



i can get thor 0.8w, astra19 and astra 23 but i keep loosing signal when i go to back thor 0.8 w can someone please advise been on it all day thanks

hi cacktkid I took a picture of my usals settings, but it doesnt keep any sats or remember them. amd when I try to set up positioner (selecting satelites) it keeps going back to not configured? thanks in advance