Lost Planet 2 demo coming 'soon,' features 4-player co-op


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by Griffin McElroy { 1 day ago }

If you were jealous that we got our greasy, unworthy hands on a 4-player co-op demo of Lost Planet 2 during our ransacking of E3 2009, you can now cool your jets -- according to producer Jun Takeuchi during an appearance on Famitsu's "Midnight Live 360," the same demo is coming to Xbox Live "soon." Actually, Takeuchi's exact words were, "soon, I guess," a sentiment that doesn't exactly fill us with optimism regarding the actual soon-ness of the demo's release.

Takeuchi showcased a number of new features during the Famitsu program, such as computer-controlled bots, custom weapon sets and character customization, which he explained can be done using items you unlock in tandem with certain achievements. We don't know whether any of these features will be present in the demo -- but if it's as similar to the E3 demo as Takeuchi says, it should be radical enough without them.

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