Lost plug ins on zgemma after reflash


Hi guys

Wondering if anyone can help with my problem.
I had to reflash my Zgemma Wooshbuild 6.1 as I was having problems.
Fully backed up all settings and proceeded to reflash.
Everything went well until I couldn’t find the plug ins for my IPTV or it’s EPG.
They do not show up in plug ins, but the IPTV and VOD’s are running fine with no epg showing.

Got IPK download from my seller and downloaded again with Flash FXP.
Files transferred IPK to location I’d set on box memory, when I went to location and searched there was no files there.
Really at a loss to what to do next.

Any help would be gratefully received
Many thanks in advance.

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try putting the ipk onto a usb and then usb into the box.....you should get a pop up asking you to install the ipk.............