M8 Android TV Box


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OK heres the update on the bricked M8, it is DEAD, funeral held and confined to wheely bin, thanks for all your help guys, onward and upwards to another project, like converting zgemma box to Android system hopefully with anbox? HELP!!!!
Buy an old 4k mantis firestick (2019) or firetv sloane 2nd generation(2015) old but powerful , unlock / root it and debloat it of all amazon junk .

Install adaway or energized pro adblocking and install a custom launcher like atv pro or leanback. Youll do a lot worse than one of those two devices mate .

A bit of tweaking and theyre excellent for streaming media/iptv. Even run a mod vpn through it and most of the apps youll download from this forum and elsewhere will be suitable and mod/adfree so its a no brainer really.
I have a 2nd generation sloane box , rooted it and i wouldnt swap it for the world:sunglasses:
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