Mag 254 box gets very hot.


Is it normal for these boxes to get very hot?
It gets so hot its not far off not being able to touch it.
Was on for about 4 hours and had it on top of my sky box and it felt like it was going to melt it.
Ive only just got it and apart from getting hot is is working ok.
If it is normal that cant be good for the box insides so if normal i will look into getting a usb fan and sit it on that.
If i remember right i had a google chromecast a while back and that got very hot and was a message in the instructions saying not to worry about it.
I have done a search of internet and can find no posts about this which concerns me because if they did get that hot i would have thought the question would have been asked before.


It's normal that they get hot especially if you are in a hot region , make sure the box have air flow and is not installed in a place where there is any sort of device that throw heat at it , you can use a usb fan to cool it down that would be good

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is there a temp setting in the box as it can guide you to how hot it is,on a skybox that was known to start a fire:grimacing:


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I suggest you send it back and ask for a refund if seller plays up then open a dispute with ebay,It should not be running hot like that,I only get genuine boxes from w o s and have a good iptv supplier,Its so easy to set one up


Well a bit of an update,
Have run for last hour and no longer getting hot, just a little warm so looks like it was overheating as had it on top of my sky q box and that gets quite hot.
Many thanks for people taking the time to reply.
Fake or real im not 100% sure but 100% i love this iptv.


Anyone any ideas why the sound on my mag box 256 statrs sounding like the chipmunks when we change channels most of the time?


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Yes that's why it was getting hot if you had it on top of another device not recommended for any electronic device.