MAG 256 Line Won't Clear


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I have a friend with the above box.

We use the same IPTV supplier, we had a few issues with lines a few weeks back like everyone else but all
is working as normal again, except for this one box.

It does one of two things, it will either load the URL and goes to the main page with Film, Sports, HD etc

Some of the categories have a full list of channels to select, but when you select one you get a blank screen.
Other categories have no channels to select and are blank.


The other thing is it doesn't load the URL and gives me the option to restart the portal, then blank screen.

If I reboot it does the same thing.

It seems to me like a bad flash, I have done an online update but it has the latest firmware on.

Anyone came across anything similar ?

Just found out how to factory re set it will try that later,

but can I manually flash an older firmware with these boxes by USB for instance?

Any pointers would be a help.


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