Mag 410 Think before you buy requires stalker 5.1


I took a gamble an ordered the new Mag 410 box
First impressions so far, it runs a strange version of android TV with a cut down version of the aptoide store. The stalker app which runs the IPTV on is for a newer version (5.1) than most of the services which are of interest to these readers which run on 5.0
It's early days and this was one of the first delivery in the UK so I'm sure either providers will upgrade or a solution will be found.
So I wouldn't recommend buying at the moment and I have gone back to the mag 256 and shield combo.
I'm going to plumb it in the spare room and have a muck about as stalker 5.1 looks interesting as you don't need to supply a Mac code to the IPTV supplier it uses a username, password and server address which makes life easier, there was a time when a lot of servers were not compatible with the 256 but that is not an issue these days. It's always a gamble being an early adopter with tech and this one I will put down to experience as this first batch of 410s are an early release for testing hence they have pretty much appeared from nowhere
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I will update this when i have had a time to have a play around with it, the box is very well built but its not cheap. The idea is good of having a combined android/mag box and there is another available by maxytec but i wanted an official mag one
All Mag boxes are primarily designed to be used by commerical companies to provide iptv services and are not really consumer devices and i can see the 410 being customised for tv suppliers customers.
Tried to install kodi but it would not install then I tried installing the Google play store which installed but nothing would download. The whole thing is pretty locked down and has been unplugged and put away until maybe a few months down the line

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Thanks kali thats useful for people to know, i sold it on ebay and bought a maxytec 5gplus which emelates a mag box perfectly and can use stalker 5.0 and also has kodi and google play although this side of things is a bit agricultural, I guess you could install STB emulator on the 410 to access the sort of iptv which people like on here as opposed to stalker 5.1 which is aimed at the more "legit" iptv services.
Maybe I should have persevered with it a bit more, i will probably buy another at some point as i liked the idea of it, as i said the maxytec is excellent at iptv but the android interface is nowhere near as polished as the mag 410s and the maxtec claims to be 4k but it doesnt play 4k vids on kodi and the display looks better at 1080 @60hz than 4k@30hz

Also a word of warning i have seen the mag 351/2 is available and that runs on stalker 5.2
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You can install kodi... You just need to set the update to android, then it install the android version and you can install all the apps :)

how to do that? can you tell me the steps? this mag 410 with stalker is horable
Download the kodi apk from their website Arm64 is the version, go into settings and make sure install apps from unknown sources is ticked then give it a go, also find a version of stb emulator so you can use Mag 254/256 iptv services (this is all a guess as i no longer have the 410). Installing the google play store would be good but i would not know how to do this but a good place to start would be looking up an article on how to install google play on a fire tv. Sorry i cant help much more as i was hoping kali would provide an answer.
Since i sold the 410 i tried the maxytec but ended up buying a fairly high speeced android box and using a custom launcher and STB emulator turned it into a usable version of the 410 which has potential to be a great box if it ran stalker 5.0 out of the box
Should be able to using an apk not sure these are in the mag store or find an aptoide TV APK and install that

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You will need stb emulator apk file and also install aptoide tv apk, these can be found online or if you want to run non mag style iptv perfect player is a good one, these apks can be found online and in the mag 410 settings under security tick "allow apps from unknown sources"
I learned the hard way by buying one of the first 410s which i no longer have.
Google play store installed would be a must but im not sure how to go about it but installing google play on a fire tv would be a good place to look

a few people are buying the 410/351 and they are not suitable for the sort of iptv that is popular on here (unless someone can prove otherwise)
The 410 and 35* series require stalker 5.1 and 5.2 servers I would say that 99% of unoffiical iptv service does not run on these servers

I have not seem many sellers of the above devices stating the above but HB digital who sell on amazon and have their own website which states the stalker version