Mag Box & Sky Q


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No probs here using sly q on WiFi upstairs and sly q downstairs both on WiFi and iptv hard wired


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From my understanding you can connect different brands of powerline adapters together if they’re the same speed.

You can connect your tv and q box to the same one using a network switch.

if you want to keep using the WiFi, try connecting the mini boxes to your router instead using the wps button.


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Do you think this would work to have just an isolated Sky network away from my BT network and IPTV traffic?



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I’m not sure on that as then your minis don’t have their own connection the router.

I would just pair the new powerline adapters to your existing one. That’s how I’ve done it at home.

pla - router
Pla - switch - tv/q/ps5 etc
PLA - sky mini