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Mag box vs zgemma... I currently have zgemma


Hi all.
I currently have iptv on zgemma h2s... But I now have to use a VPN to run moat channels...
Just a few questions...

Will mag box channels still be blocked like zgemma?
Is the recording much better on Zgemma? Id like reliable recording....
Is there an epg for mag box?
And what mag box would people recommend?

Any more info would be very much appreciated!

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1. mag box will still be blocked like zgemma with the decent servers you don't need a vpn
2. never used recording no need most channels have 7 day catch up again down to server
3. most servers come with epg
4. i still use my mag 250 and works fine with no issues. You could go for a 256 stay away from the latest box as not many servers don't support it.

The main thing is find a good server and make sure you have good consistent download speeds and try and stay away from wireless connections
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