Mag256 Blue screen issue

Hi all.

I have recently started having an issue on my Mag256 where it randomly just displays a blank blue screen when watching a channel. The sound continues and sometimes it sorts is self out after a few seconds but most of the time I have to unplug and plug back in the HDMI cable from the box to sort it. HDMI detect is set to ignore.

I was wondering is anyone else has had the issue and if they have found a fix.

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for your replies.

Seems to be a slightly different problem on mine to the above post as it does load up ok, I get the issue intermittently when watching a channel. I may see if I have an alternative power supply kicking around. I'm not too impressed with the box to be honest, I have always found it 'buggy'. Will persevere a little longer before considering my options.


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Have you updated to the latest firmware on the 3rd of August? Usually have to do update a few times to get the very latest.