Make Your Pen Drive Icon Your Own


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If you use a lot of Pen Drives or even External Drives you'll know that the icon set in windows is very limited & all the drive icons look similar.

This can make it difficult to recognise which icon actually relates to your Pen/External drive.

This TUT allows you to assign a particular icon of your choice to any Pen/External drive regardless of whose machine you plug it into.


First you need to get yourself a few Icon files or you could use some of Windows own icons.
You can download a nice Pen Drive Icon from here


Plug in your Pen/External drive.

Go to My Computer & open the drive.

Copy your preferred icon file to the pen/External drive.

Right click a blank space in the pen/External drive & choose NEW, then New Text Document.

Type the following two lines into the new text document,

Icon=name of your icon.ico (where name of your icon is the actual name of the icon you wish to use)

Save the file as autorun.inf

Now every time you plug in that drive (regardless of whose machine you are on) it will display your new icon in My Computer.



In order to keep this new addition safe from prying eyes or just so as you won’t be able to physically see them on the drive, you can hide them by doing this,

Right click each of the 2 new files (the icon file & the autorun.inf file) & choose “Properties” Put a check mark in the “Hidden” box under Attributes.

Then choose “Tools>Folder Options>View” from the top tool bar of explorer & check the box for “Do not show hidden files and folders”.

That's it, you're done!

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Cheers G,

Nice little tool ;) I`ll have to make me own celtic one though, theres none in the list lol
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All that, and I had already renamed each of my external HDD.

Well it is clever to have a text label on you removable drives rtm, it just makes them instantly recognisable if each has a picture icon too :)

You can get some nice free icons here and here.

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