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McCartney's replica Rock Band bass looks awesome, backwards


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By: Griffin McElroy

Regardless of your feelings towards the mop-topped British rock sensation upon which the next Rock Band game is based, you have to admit -- The Beatles had them some lovely instruments. Two of these six-strings, Lennon and Harrison's Rickenbacker 325 and Gretsch Duo Jet, will be coming as $99 add-ons to The Beatles: Rock Band -- however, a third replica guitar will be coming in the game's Limited Edition Premium Bundle: Paul McCartney's Höfner bass guitar, pictured above.

According to a recent Harmonix press release, this wireless periph will work with all versions of Rock Band. It certainly looks gorgeous, but as our well-read colleagues at Engadget point out, this Höfner controller was designed for a right-handed player. McCartney, of course, was a Southpaw. Man, the game isn't even out yet, and already Harmonix is taking outrageous liberties with history. Unbelievable.

[Thanks, MarkHawk!]

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