mechanical problems i may be able to help


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mechanical problems i may be able to help and if i cant im sure someone on this site will.:rock on:
Hi Moh,Bought a car from a guy few weeks ago,looks good its 1999 avences,
just waiting for nct test,i live in Dublin,but was just told by some people
to get emissions checked,could that be a big problem thank you in advance
for any advice
High CO readings generally indicate incomplete combustion. Contributing factors can be:

Faulty O2 sensor,
Faulty MAS,
Faulty PCV valve,
Clogged air filter,
Incorrect ignition timing,
Faulty fuel pressure,
Dirty/worn fuel injectors
In my own car a vectra i had to replace my egr valve due to emmission problems,just be very careful with avensis of that year *constantly check your oil prob every 600 miles*,there was a problem with valves etc with this model hence toyota extended there warranty on this didnt say what engine is in it petrol or diesel,there is an additive that you can add to your fuel tank (it slips my mind what it is now)to lower your emmissions on your car a reputable motor factor should have it.i can find out monday for you.just remember ...check oil every 600 miles they do burn quite a bit,im prob not very helpful here but if i knew your cars exact specs i could be more specific.dont hestitae to get back to me with more info ...regards

Thanks Moh for advice,i know nothing about cars,just drive all i can say is it is
petrol engine.Any more advice on emissions i would be greatfull.I was told
if car fails emissions it wont pass nct test,Thank you again in advance.
emissions are a major thing with the n.c.t, if you want my personal opinion i would leave the car as it is go through the n.c.t, people tend to panic approaching the test they send it in to garages to do a pre test,a pure money maker for the garages,if your car fails i know you will pay a retest fee but could be very small in comparison to what a garage could find wrong with your car if you know what i mean.put your car through the n.c.t let THEM tell you whats wrong not the local garage,i will only fix what needs to be fixed and have done this in the past.if your car fails which hopefully it wont, i will put you on the right track to get it sorted as cheaply as possible,and not compromising the safety of the get back to me i will be very interested in knowing the outcome and resolving any problems that may occur.
themoh your spot on most people do panic when the n.c.t is due best thing is to put it throught and find the faults as you saidif any its cheaper in the long run .but dont avoid putting in in now as your can pick up 5 points on your licence .
seems a bit steep i think
agreed thetom when i see garages advertising pre nct tests i cringe,you may aswell leave a blank cheque!! let your local nct centre tell you whats wrong,and whatever is wrong shop around and get it done for the most reasonable price possible and only get done what needs to be done.(y)
Thank you so much for reply Moh,I expect to get test next week,will take your advice,and let go through see what happens,will let you know how i get on.Thanks again
allybird58 looking forward to you getting back to me,best of luck with the nct,i know ive said this a few times,check your oil level very regulary take care of yourself talk soon. (y)
Rev counter on a 1972 engine

Iv a 1972 cortina and want to fit a rev counter, can any one tell me exactly were to wire it to.

not really, ill explain a little more, iv a 72 cortina, which is an L model, this does not have a rev counter in it, but iv got a dash from a GXL model that does have, though the printed circuit is different on the back , can it be made to fit by mod'ing it in anyway.
the dash consists of 3 clocks, on the L, 1/ temp & fuel,2/ speedo,3/ time clock, on the GXL its speedo, time clock and rev counter, the other gauges are in a centre counsol that i also have to connect.
nova power clean fuel additive add to petrol or diesel with 1/4 tank,also check your indicators they need to be yellow as paint burns off bulbs,also make sure rear setbelts are visible and have your light adjuster to 0.