The KIII Pro is a Amlogic S912 device it's a very capable SOC and the specs are superior to most Enigma 2 broadcom SOC receivers. The problem being there is no real Enigma 2 support for Amlogic SOCS so when it comes it to watching TV from DVB S/C/T images, softcams , scanning for channels etc it's all a bit of a mess. there isn't a proper front end to handle it like Enigma 2 does on Broadcom SOCS. Amlogic devices are more commonly used for Kodi and LibreElec the S912 is pretty new though and it offers integrated DVB support (something previous chipsets did not S905, S905X etc) very poorly supported at the minute and it's recommended to avoid the S912 on most Kodi and LibreElec forums due to missing drivers incomplete SDK etc.

Now if there was a proper implementation of a DVB front end like Enigma 2 for Amlogic devices like the S905, S905X, S912 this would cause a massive shake ip in the STB market, these SOCS are very capable when it comes to video decoding 1080P, 4K no too considering a S905X device with 2Gb RAM 16Gb Flash can be had for around 30 quid.

But for now for Enigma 2 devices Broadcom SOCS are king...
Hi All,

First post on this well set out Forum.

@xsi, Just bought this box (Mecool KIII pro).
Quit pleased so fare, still not up to using all
of it's IPTV yet, first time trying out IPTV.
Actually haven't GOT a clue.

Xsi, there is Smart data Manager menu in
this box.
think its in (DVB/S/S2) then you enter six
number one's ( 111111 ) to access
CCcam, Biss, and PowerVU settings.

Can anyone help me with,
How to setup a free VPN in this box.
In the Menu it has (Location OFF) but
the IP address is there.

One other setting, that has two choice
in (Display) under ( Dolby Vision ).
First is, Dolby Vision follow source.
Second is, Dolby Vision follow Sink.
Doe's it matter which one I set
Dolby Vision too.

Thanks BF.
Please anybody no how to scan virgin channel plz
Hi.I have the Mecool ki pro and probably like yourself with the kiii,I was unable to scan the cable channels with the stock firmware.How did I solve this problem? I installed a custom rom for my box which allows you to input the frequency,symbol rate and net ID.If you google ‘malaysk kiii’ you will find the custom rom version for your box that I use.
Seems like an interesting box, apart from the DVB-C setup complications.

I'm probably going to sell my H2H for an Android Box like this that supports DVB-T2 and DVB-C since the plugin range for E2 boxes kinda sucks, I'd rather have an Android Box that has the PlayStore with real YouTube and all the CatchUpTV apps like iPlayer, Demand 5 etc