Meteor Text Charge Rip-Off


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I recently noticed that my credit was going very fast on my Meteor pay-as-you-go phone. When i checked up online i saw that i was being charged between once and five times for each text message i sent. I rang Meteor about this and was informed that if a text is longer than standard you get charged extra for it. When pressed on this the girl said that a standard text is around 160 characters.

This is not mentioned anywhere on their website, i always assumed a text was as long as your phone let you type in. I am still waiting for them to return my call complaining about this, that was five days ago now!

So watch it, you might think its cheaper to text than to call, but in reality i have been charged a euro or more for sending one text message!

I don't know if any other networks are doing this, but it's worth checking up on!


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i dont think that Vodafone do this. that is an absolute disgrace. I hate textin, unless it is a message like "see you at 5 in the pub" i feel that the amount of times that people are texting back and forth, costs more than it would have to have called in the first place


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160 characters is & always has been the standard maximum allowed per text & anything greater than that is sent in part text normally, a lot og phones have the option to "Send large text as one text" so if you have this set you wouldn't realize how many texts are really being sent. Texts larger that 160 characters have always been charged as an extra text.

I don't know why I'm aware of that but I must have read it in some terms and conditions along the way.

I suppose the idea of text has always been short & sweet, if you want to chat you call or if you need to tell a savage amount of history? use email or snail mail lol



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I think all UK or major phone operators do this. Its just the mobile phones being used that tend to confused people whether the text message they are sending is within the set limit or has it gone over. For example on my Sony Ericsson K750i, i have the 0/160 characters figure at the top right of my screen. For my LG Viewty, just before i send the message it says something like "Send this SMS (3)", then i know that the message i'm sending is 3 texts long. So instead of being charged once i will be charged 3 times.


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I use the website G as I hate texting on a mobile phone. I`ll have to give cabbage a go :)
You should Noel, it's really handy

Just tell it who your provider is & enter your login details once & your away. Add contacts if you like.

It pops a shortcut icon on your Desktop & the Prog looks like this