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Cable Mgcam 1.35a and 1.38 frozen Cam Zgemma H1



I have a Zgemma H1 and H2. I am noticing channels freezing this can range from 10 mins to 20 or 30. I then go to the softcam panel and restart the cam and the picture comes back. I am thinking that the cam is freezing. I have tried both mgcam 1.35a and 1.38 i am on Virgin cable.

I then went to the sofcam panel and set frozen cam check to Yes but this has not made any difference.

I notice that on the sofcam panel there are 2 cams, currently on my box cam 1 is active mgcam 1.35a and cam 2 is inactive. I was thinking of installing mgcam 1.38 as cam 2 and activate that. My question is will that make any difference to the freezing. How does the 2 cams work? does 1 work as a failover so that if cam 1 fails then cam 2 takes over?

Any help would be appriciated.


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The cam works or it doesn't. 1.38 is the latest . It is probably your line provider where the problem is.