Mgcam line or IPTV?



I have a zgemma H2H box that has a vm line thats just ran out. I can no longer renew with current supplier as hes a reseller and has lost contact with supplier.

I was going to request a new vm line but on my last line BBC 1 , 2 etc barely worked yet the movie channels were always spot on. Comedy channel never worked either for some reason.

I have IPTV on a 4K firestick thats in my sons room that runs ok but not always great but it doesnt have the same ease of use as the zgemma does with the vm line.

My question is would you recommend getting an IPTV line for the zgemma as my primary viewing in the living room or would you recommend IPTV instead?

I have a another 4K firestick in the living room tv also but it only gets used for prime, so was thinking if IPTV isnt as stable as a vm line I would get a vm line on zgemma for watching tv and an iptv sub on the 4K stick for footy if it ever returns........



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if you have cable then I would use this for the channels that are available and use IPTV as a 'top up', bbc1 (SD) is a free channel and nothing to do with your line, you have not said what is wrong with the channels that aren't great but I would suggest checking all of your cables and connections .


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The BBC, STV, Ch4 HD channels(the SD channels for 4 and 5 work) that are the standard 101-104 channels on ABM very rarely clear. Same with Comedy channels. Occasionally I can go to 'all' bouquest and find a working one there but not always. Its a pain in the erchie.


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A lot of cable providers that are resellers have some trouble with the local channels, but their sports, movies etc are great, but there are a few good providers , including resellers on here that will supply the local channels aswell as the premium ones, might cost a few quid extra than some others but still well worth it in the long run.


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You can have cable sub and iptv run along side on your zgemma all put into bouquets just like cable you can request cable lines off here and iptv trials Alot of people has took iptv to replace the missing channels on cable its same with everything take trials on both there is some decent cable/iptv providers on here just a case of trialling them but as grog has mentioned check cables ect


Hi all I'm running a good iptv on the firestick, looking to breathe life into my old Zgemma Star H2, obtaining a new VM line and using my current iptv on the H2.I
Would I need to refresh the old ipab image.