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Just downloaded latest openvix image to vu solo2 and notice this
Softcam Mgcamd 1.45c

Others availabe on site and elsewhere 1.46.
Box is mips and not arm.
Now to find out where to load it as memory has gone :LOL::LOL::ROFLMAO:


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Load what ?

Config and newcamd list should be in usr/keys but may mirror to etc/keys

Or are you on about installing mgcamd in ipk format on to the box ?


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Need to install new 1.46.

i have setup 1.45c + newcamd.list which will be adjusted later.

Downloaded 1.46 in a zip file 30 seconds ago.

Checked file its in IPK format

Seems like need to dig up a usb stick to load it.
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Update the downloaded ipk file needed to be extracted first to desktop then sent to tmp.
Both versions show arm and mips.:mask::mask::mask::mask: