MICKAHS - Surf n turf


Feeds 2 to 3

Requires - 2 n half pound of Mince, Cooked Prawns, Salt and cracked pepper, Chlli Flakes, Pepper Sauce of yer choice, Mushrooms, Onions, Egg, milk

Crack the egg and mix chilli flakes, salt, pepper into a bowl and whisk, add the mince and work through until blended, once mixed, start to round the mince into a large ball or equal sizes depending on how many its to be served to, take about 3 or 4 prawns, smaller prawns are better for this, make sure they are cooked or thawed, and insert the prawns into the centre of the mince and are well covered with the mince, then round the ball

Heat the over to 200 degrees and put into the over on a wire rack and cook for 30 mins.

For the sauce - Mix your sauce with part water and part milk to make it more creamy than using all water, grate some onion and grate a couple of mushrooms and add to the pepper sauce and allow to cook for about 15 mins and let it simmer until the mince is ready,

To Serve - Put the mince onto a warmed plate and drizzle the sauce over the meat and top with some more Prawns if you want (again make sure they are cooked), serve with homemade chips or wedges!