Microsoft allows advertising on PC desktops


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Microsoft has opened up its Windows 7 operating system to advertising, allowing brands to advertise on PC desktops.

The technology company has struck a series of deals with the likes of Porsche, Pepsi and Twentieth Century Fox, which will allow users to add the branding of each company on their desktop.

It is pilot scheme which will run until next October and will be extended to Windows 7 borders and sounds – as well as Internet Explore 8 add-ons, which will direct people back to each advertisers’ homepage.

The move has been welcomed by advertisers – who are always looking for increased ways to engage with consumers. However, the consumer reaction remains to be seen.

Last month Microsoft announced Office 2010 Starter Edition, a limited version of the new Office 2010 technology, which will only be accessible on pre-loaded new PCs and will be funded by advertising.

Separately, a security researcher has uncovered the first security flaw in Windows 7, according to industry website, TechWatch.

Laurence Gaffie has discovered a bug in Windows 7 which will allow a hacker to crash your PC. However, the bug would not allow hackers to take over a person’s computer, meaning the risk is relatively low.


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Really crazy decision by Muckosoft, we already have to deal with advertising on the web,its getting more like Linux is the only way to go - i am already thinking strongly about changing all my stuff to Linux,this is only going to help me make that decision faster..:eyebrow: