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Microsoft Look Set To Release Windows 7 Family Pack


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Worried about having to install Windows 7 on more than one computer? Sometimes copy protected programs can be awfully expensive, but thankfully Microsoft has announced its plans for a Windows 7 Family Pack, which can be installed on up to three PCs.

Microsoft revealed the new Win7 option late Tuesday afternoon, and the announcement has been generating plenty of buzz ever since. Unfortunately, prices for the Family Pack remain just speculation. What we do know is that the Family Pack will consists of the Windows 7 Home Premium version. (Source:

Family Pack Tops Consumer Wish List

The Redmond-based company, which plans to release the highly-anticipated operating system on October 22, had hinted at the possibility for something akin to the Family Pack when a test version of Windows 7 leaked onto the web a while back.
A Family Pack deal has been on consumer wish lists for a long time. Apple offers its own with the Mac OS X operating system, and has done so since 2002. However, Microsoft's last Family Pack deal, the one that came alongside Windows Vista, was only a short promotion that included three copies of Home Premium at a reduced price. It was not the solidified multi-pack option that the Windows 7 Family Pack appears to be.

RTM Code Arriving Soon

In other Win7 news, it's strongly rumored that Microsoft will be announce August 6 as its Release-to-Manufacturing (RTM) date. The RTM, which is the OS' final, completed version, will first be released to developers and other software insiders that day. It's expected that those with Software Assurance licenses will receive their Windows 7 RTM code on August 7. (Source: