Microsoft's Sensui talks Xbox success (and lack thereof) in Japan


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By: Xav de Matos


Xbox Japan boss, Takashi Sensui, recently sat down with Famitsu [via 1UP] to discuss Microsoft's successes and failures in the Japanese market since launching the original Xbox in 2002. Unlike other carefully worded and positively spun interviews given when discussing complete failures, Sensui leaves no stone unturned when outlining Microsoft's initial mistakes in the region.

One of the major issues discussed was Microsoft's decision to price-cut the original Xbox, three months after it launched in Japan -- offering early adopters games and accessories as a consolation. "I was like 'Whoa, we're dropping the price already?!'," Sensui told the magazine. "We called it the 'Thank You Campaign,' but it was really more of a 'Sorry About That Campaign.'"

Today the Xbox 360 isn't exactly lighting up the sales charts in Japan, but a steady stream of titles catered to the market have helped spike sales at times throughout the last year -- a plan Microsoft continues today. "I really feel like we're expanding now," Sensui said. "Seeing how the 360 has expanded its sales every year makes me very happy. I truly appreciate the support of the users and the perseverance of all the game developers that made it possible."

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