Mobile router on hols


This is a bit of technical questions. So my mum is going to Germany-Austria-Italy-Slovenia she has a three router for her main internet at home but when she goes away she uses her SIM which is three does she need a VPN to use this in Europe without the GB limit that is now enforced. She was wanting to use the router and SIM to run a firestick. Can this be done ?.
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I don't know anything about a GB limit being enforced in mainland Europe, all I know is that after 8 weeks I get a warning that if I don't use my phone in the UK within 4 weeks I'm going to get cut off.
Why doesn't she just get a local Lyca SIM card,?
She will find it's a lot more data for a LOT less than her UK SIM costs.
I don't see how a VPN will help as you have to connect to the local network to access the VPN, all a VPN does is hide your location to the end server, not the origin network.