Mounting and recording to NAS


Hi, Im after some advice on how to correctly setup a mount to my NAS and be able to record too it.

I have a QNAP nas all setup with a shared folder with user and password ready to go.

I can see the NAS from my zgemma create the mount and input all the details as required.

When i go to recording setting it also see's the NAS but when i go to select the shared folder and save it, i get a "this location is writeable" error.

As far as im aware ive setup Read & Write on the folder


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take a look at Sharing HDD between two Zgemma h2s's

It is instructions one sharing one hdd on two boxes, using the hdd on box 1 as a network drive for box 2, not exactly what you are after but you should be able to follow the 'box 2' instructions to mount your nas driveon your zgemma