Movistar epg query


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Anybody using above and finding epg funny.
program starts at 6 and stops at 7 but can show different on recordings.

Looking on full page epg looks fine and no overlaps as program looks correct.
Sometimes i will see same program listed twice but with different times.

Then have to delete epg cache and download a fresh copy and then is okay
Automatic import for 7 days i think as its other box with problem
Koala 7dias Classic XMLTV but need to confirm from other box

Different than H7S which has MOD XMLTV

At the moment epg is correct with full times showing
Screenshot of recorded program caught short and new one recording.
I had to delete and redo to get correct program data to fix recording wrong times.


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error times.jpg

Schitts Creek near the end has odd epg times which i have noticed on other programs when setting recordings


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I get the same quite a lot on MovieStar. Not sure why :unsure:
A lot of episodes have the start time before the previous episode has finished.



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Ah grand so its not me and just need to keep an eye on things or set recordings on 2 boxes.

I also notice program data sucks as new episodes can be 1 and 2 and next in line could be 6 and 7 :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: bloody nightmare of what you have recorded and to play correct numbers.


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i have koala on my receivers but cant for the life of me find it on my mates receiver. cant remember if i installed something or not. i use epg importer and its in the list on mine but not his. any ideas?
ps it works great on my receivers on 7 dias